Meet the Photographer

There’s power in being free. What happens when you block out the noise to reconnect? The personal boudoir photography sessions at B. More You Boudoir Photography allows you to do just that. We assist you with taking a break from the outside world to connect with yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way. We make your time with us all about you.


World class photography mixed with an award-winning makeup team only assists in bringing your true essence to life. You don’t have to be a model to book a session. If you need a stylist, we are here to help… trouble posing, no problem. The entire session is especially designed around you. Book your session today! 


What Clients Are Saying

“Brought out the essence of my beauty! I had such a great time! She caught the natural and BOLD me! So personal, professional and priceless! Thanks B More You Boudoir Photography!”

Jacqueline West